Computer Introduction MCQ | Set – 02

Computer Introduction MCQ in English

Q.01 How do you use today’s computers?

A) for communication
B) To study
C) for business
D) for all

Option D) for all ✅

Explain: We Use computers in the whole area nowadays, computers are used everywhere, which we called computers.

Q.02 What are the things you can do with the help of a personal computer?

A) Payment of bills
B) Transfer of money
C) Accounting
D) for all

Option D) for all ✅

Explain: With the help of a personal computer, we can do many things, without a computer any work is not possible.

Q.03 By this we can withdraw money?

A) Automated Teller Machine
C) Automatic payment transfer
D) A and B

Option D) A and B ✅

Explain: ATM is used to withdraw money, which we also called Automated Teller Machine.

Q.04 What is a computer?

A) An Electronic Machine
B) Software Machine
C) Hardware Machine
D) None of These

Option A) An Electronic Machine ✅

Explain: A computer is an electronic machine, that read-writes and transfers data this is called a Computer.

Q.05 In what form does the computer receive data and instructions?

A) As Input
B) As an Output
C) As a Storage
D) None of These

Option A) As Input ✅

Explain: The computer takes data and instructions as input. Because computers analyze data and format the results in a certain way.

Q.06 In How Many Ways is the Data Divided?

A) One Type
B) Two Types
C) Three Types
D) Four Types

Option B) Two Types ✅

Explain: We can Divide data into two types, Numerical and Alphanumeric Data.

Q.07 Which is used in Alphanumeric data?

A) Letters
B) Number
C) Symbol
D) for all

Option D) for all ✅

Explain: Letters, Numbers, and Symbols are all used in Alphanumeric Data.

Q.08 What is software?

A) Application
B) Operating System
C) Hardware
D) A and B

Option D) A and B ✅

Explain: Software is a programming language, which is created with the help of many different programming languages, software is an application and is also an operating system.

Q.09 How many calculations can a computer do in a second?

A) Hundred
B) Thousands
C) Millions
D) None of these

Option C) Millions ✅

Explain: A computer can do millions of calculations in a second, because a computer is an electronic machine, and it can do more calculations without any fatigue.

Q.10 Computer processor speed is measured in?

A) Hz
B) MHz
C) GHz

Option A) Hz ✅

Explain: We use Hz to measure the speed of the computer processor.

Q.11 When is Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

A) 2 September
B) 2 December
C) 15 December
D) 13 October

Option B) 2 December ✅

Explanation: Every year 2 December is celebrated as Computer Literacy Day in India.

Q.12 When was the first computer used in India?

A) 16 May 1985, Kolkata
B) 16 August 1986, Bangalore
C) 18 October 1987, Delhi
D) 23 November 1983, Mumbai

Option B) 16 August 1986, Bangalore ✅

Explanation: The first use of computers in India was done on 16 August 1986 at the Head Post Office in Bangalore.

Q.13 When did the French mathematician Blaise Pascal invent the first mechanical calculating machine?

A) 1625
B) 1642
C) 1650
D) 1654

Option B) 1642 ✅

Explanation: The French mathematician invented the first mechanical calculating machine named Blaise Pascal in 1642.

Q.14 When was the first commercial computer UNIVAC-I built?

A) 1948
B) 1950
C) 1954
D) 1956

Option C) 1954 ✅

Explanation: The first commercial computer UNIVAC-I was manufactured in 1984 by GEC.

Q.15 When was the world’s first fully the automatic electromechanical counting machine invented?

A) Between 1932 to 1936
B) Between 1937 to 1944
C) Between 1952 to 1956
D) Between 1958 to 1962

Option B) Between 1937 to 1944 ✅

Explanation: The world’s first fully automatic electromechanical calculating device was invented between 1937 and 1944 under the cooperation of a company named IBM and under the direction of scientist Howard Aiken. Which was named as Mark-I.

Q.16 Which computer was designed by a British scientist for his country’s military during World War II?

A) Calculus Computer
B) Colossus Computer
C) Difference Computer
D) None of these

Option B) Colossus Computer ✅

Explanation: The Colossus computer was designed by British scientist Alan Turing for his country’s soldiers during World War II. And the existence of computers was kept hidden from everyone until the 1970s.

Q.17 What was the weight of this computer named ENIAC?

A) 20 tons
B) 30 tons
C) 40 tons
D) 50 tons

Option B) 30 tons ✅

Explanation: The ENIAC computer was a very heavy computer, which was 30 tons.

Q.18 When did the lights in the entire Philadelphia area go off when the ENIAC computer was first powered on?

A) in 1942
B) in 1946
C) in 1948
D) in 1952

Option B) in 1946 ✅

Explanation: In 1946, when the Vinayak computer was run for use, the electricity in the entire Philadelphia area was turned off. Because this computer was very overloaded.

Q.19 When was the difference engine invented?

A) 1813
B) 1819
C) 1823
D) 1826

Option A) 1813 ✅

Explanation: In 1813, Charles Bawej invented the difference engine and it ran on steam.

Q.20 “Aerie Thromer” Charles Xavier Thomas Which calculator of France was this?

A) First calculator
B) Second calculator
C) Third calculator
D) none of these

Option A) First calculator ✅

Explanation: The first calculator was used by Charles Xavier Thomas, “Eri Thromer”. It could easily do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as a business.

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